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LaCasaRotta e Nuove Rotte is an ecovillage under construction consisting of a living project and an agricultural organism project, in which six adults and four children are currently participating, open to new acquaintances and to those who want to share with us their path of life actively and be part of this dynamic group. In addition to us six, the association has 10 other people working together to help in activities, events and proposing new projects.

The agricultural organism itself consists of 8 hectares of land: we cultivate a garden in biodynamics - using other techniques (such as permaculture and synergistic relationships between plants) - an orchard mainly of peaches, cherries and apples and fields used for cereals (we are recovering old varieties of wheat, corn, buckwheat, rye) and a part of the forest.

We are guided by the desire to share the days, even during the recovery of the farmhouse and the work in the fields, so we say that this project has a participatory vision: this is how we are carriers of a constructive energy, aware and sustainable for the future. Everyone is involved in practice during the phases of research, invention, design and labor.

We are working to create a place to live in harmony and cooperation with nature, experimenting with new technologies and new skills to create a more sustainable, peaceful and different way of life.


Since May 2015 we are registered on WWOOF,

since 2017 WorkAway members and part of the V.E.R.I. network.

We host for short periods anyone interested in having a community experience and helping us in the agricultural work in the agricultural project NuoveRotte, a small agricultural organization at the foot of the Langhe. If you want to participate and have information about it, visit the website of WWOOF (WWOOF is a global movement that links volunteers and natural rural projects promoting educational and cultural experiences based on a non-profit trust exchange, to help build a sustainable global community) or of RIVE (Italian network of ecological villages) and become a volunteer through the VERI (


We are in a phase where we can need material and moral support. The eco-village is under construction, while the agricultural project has just begun. If you have used objects or construction and agricultural equipment that you no longer use, we would be happy to reuse or transform it. See how you can help us. THANK YOU!

If you're not sure ask us if the things you have can be useful to us and we come to get them to give them a new life.


Below you will find a list of the goods most in need:

- agricultural equipment (sickle cutters, scissors for pruning, hoes, rakes, shovels, spades, wheelbarrows, motor saws, brush cutters, chainsaws, carts, etc. ..)

- carpentry/carpentry tools (hammers, files, saws, etc.)

- Nylon cloths

- waterproof camping towels

- wooden planks

- wooden panels

- pallets/wooden pallets

- boxes for fruit and vegetables

- rubber hoses for irrigation

- electric well pump

- terracotta jars

- old/new bricks

- trolleys for transporting crates

- wooden poles

- windows

- doors

- iron doors

- railing

- electric cables

- extensions

- tiles


If you have any doubts about equipment/material not listed, call us!


If you are interested in supporting us financially, you can make a donation by bank transfer!

Bank transfer: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Cherasco

IBAN Code IT80D0848746041000070102240



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