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In 2011 we purchased an old farmhouse to renovate it with the intention of creating a place where people can live and experience new lifestyles in harmony.

In the same year, the social promotion association LaCasaRotta was established, which involves a group of young people with skills in various fields: environmental, agricultural, cultural, gastronomic, artistic and architectural. Active people who create an informal public space for exchange and knowledge, open, with a look at the roots of the territory.

In recent years we have organized numerous events to support the project and offer new opportunities in the area.

In winter 2014 we started to cultivate a plot of land for rent that allowed us to set up a small farm called 'Nuove Rotte'. We produce vegetables, cereals and fruits using natural methods.

Over the years, thanks to our work and that of many volunteers, the farmhouse is changing its appearance; the roof has been rebuilt, the extension has been made to house the new boiler rooms, and we have installed the new windows and doors. Now some of us are already resident in the project: the ground floor is still to be completed. Within the next year, we would like to make it viable.

In 2016 we decided to buy the land (8 ha) of the agricultural project we were renting and the Casa Agricola de LaCasaRotta: this is the house dedicated to agricultural work, with a garage for the tractor and small stores for vegetables and flour, here too we are completing the renovation.

Our actions are based on an approach inspired by the concepts of happy growth, food sovereignty, reduction of waste and philosophy of "know-how" in a logic of networking and exchange between communities, peer to peer.

The rupture ("Rotta") mentioned in the name is a rupture as a crisis that changes its state, through the development of critical points of view and implements sustainable lifestyles and new cultural paradigms.

LaCasaRotta is now, after 6 years of renovation work done with our hands and resources, a project of cohousing to share spaces and times between different people. With the end of the restoration it will also be a place where people can meet, talk but also learn, design, dream, express themselves, drink, eat, play, make art, relax, dance, grow and play.

A place to find new routes (Rotta).

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