We feel the need to start up collaborative relationships with other entities that want to travel new routes and contribute to spreading the concept of "making network". Networking means "joining forces" to achieve objectives that each of those entities, individually, would not be able to achieve.

Each of us is inserted within social networks of various kinds; but the focus is not on the various social networks, but on those natural relational contexts that constitute the scenarios of our daily existence: family, friendly and professional networks represent the privileged environment in which our daily actions take place, which draw their meaning from those relationships and contexts.

We collaborate with other farms to compare and help us in difficult times (L'orto del Pian del Bosco, L'Orto di Laura, I Pascoli di Amaltea), with associations to work and disseminate new paradigms (Lauto Educare, Compagnia Claudio e Consuelo, WWOOF Italia, R.I.V.E), with the Cooperativa Alice that allows us to work together with migrant children. Below is a list of the realities with which we do "La Rete" - Networking.


Alessandro and Arianna have an organic farm in Alta Langa in Mombarcaro (CN).

They breed the sheep of the Langhe, an ancient breed in danger of extinction.

They produce raw milk cheeses and cultivate small plots of potatoes from the Belbo Valley, Ottofile corn and old varieties of wheat.

They practise clean agriculture: they do not use pesticides, chemical treatments or fertilizers.

The sheep live in pasture for most of the year: when the snow melts, from spring to autumn.


Andrea, Irene and Manuela grow seasonal vegetables and fruit using the organic farming method, in the processing workshop they cook excellent preserves that they sell in their farm shop.

They cultivate their fields without the use of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides of chemical synthesis and replace them with mechanical interventions or with products of organic origin that are allowed by the regulations of organic production.


A horticultural farm located in the municipality of Bra (CN) in the typical area of the Orti. Vegetables are grown in season mainly under glass and there is also a small orchard.

Imagine the garden as a garden where scents, flavours and colours blend together, a magical corner where the soul can rest.


Architectural firm that provides a design aimed at the realization of a housing system tailored studied in detail and built by local workers or using prefabrication in the factory, according to a workflow that structures the synergies consolidated in a group of people aware that the ability to produce building structures according to principles of environmental sustainability, with the use of construction techniques with low environmental impact and energy to obtain high quality housing products, is now only a matter of will. With them we started to restructure Lacasarotta...

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The association aims to promote reflection and discussion on educational issues, with events and public meetings.

The parents of a dozen children between 4 and 12 years of age have chosen parental education, giving up sending their children to school.  The children are accompanied daily by master parents who in turn provide their skills and their time.

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Consuelo Conterno and Claudio Giri formed the duo CLAUDIO E CONSUELO in 1990, after individual experiences working with Cirque Bidon and as storytellers.

Their artistic production is based on the simplicity of means and installations; the poetics of their shows focuses on the primacy of feeling over owning, of living to understand rather than to buy; their experience of life and work makes them aware of the need to share in order to grow, of how essential beauty and harmony are, of how important laughter is.

Street theatre is theatre that adapts to the space and environment in which it occurs, is influenced by it, in turn transforms it and always has this strong bond in mind.


Many hedgehogs, as well as in the countryside and in the woods, live in gardens and city parks near our homes. For this reason it is easy to come across wounded, hungry hedgehogs or puppies left alone. It is therefore important, if you want to help a hedgehog in difficulty, to know how to behave. To help, care for and safeguard these adorable and useful creatures, there is a Recovering Hedgehog Centre in Novello, in the Langhe and their aim is to give the possibility to defenceless animals in difficulty to be free again...

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Alice pursues a continuous exchange between opportunities for study, comparison, research and operation in the field, on the most urgent issues that characterize the social. A trait that has always characterized its identity, consisting of essential values that become operational practices, ways of operating in the services and in the internal life of the cooperative itself.

 From the valorization of the worker member to the protection of the interests of the users, from the generation from the bottom of the organizational, strategic and economic pedagogical choices to the transparency of the information, from the involvement of the local community to the integration with the realities that operate in the sectors of intervention.

Cooperativa Alice


WWOOF is a global movement that links volunteers to natural rural projects by promoting educational and cultural experiences based on a non-profit trust exchange to help build a sustainable global community.


The Italian Network of Ecological Villages is an association made up of communities, eco-villages, community projects and individuals interested in making community experiences known and supported.

RIVE has different philosophical and organizational experiences, but they are all inspired by a model of sustainable living from an ecological, spiritual, socio-cultural and economic point of view.


Birrificio Sagrin is located in Calamandrana (AT) in an area whose identity is deeply linked to the excellence of Piedmontese wine and food production, rich in the inflows of the UNESCO World Heritage areas of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. Inspired by the twenty-year passion of Matteo "Billy" Billia and Giuseppe Luci and supported by long years of work and research in the field of brassiculture, the brewery, entirely designed by the two partners, becomes productive in 2015 with the aspiration to combine the winemaking tradition of the territory and the eclectic approach of craft beer. Since 2017 we have been collaborating with them and producing our first agricultural beer with some varieties of ancient wheat that we grow.

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